Manual Operated Pinch Valves

Series 75 Series 70 Open Frame Series 9000

Series 75B

Series 75 Series 70 Series 9000 Series 75B
Pinch Valve Open Frame High Pressure Buried Service

The Red Valve manual pinch valve series is manufactured to work with tough slurry handling.

* Series 75 manual pinch valve has a cast-iron or aluminum body and bi-directional shut off, designed for slurry handling, chemical industry, and abrasive applications.
* Series 70 open frame manual pinch valve features a lightweight frame construction and choice of elastomer valve sleeve.
* Series 9000 high pressure manual pinch valve with high pressure elastomer sleeve is suited for heavy duty applications.
* Series 75B buried service manual pinch valve has a body of cast iron and a valve sleeve of flexible rubber.

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