About Us

ANTEC Corporation was founded in 1961 by Kenneth C. Davidson after resigning from Air Supply Company (a Div. of Garrett Corporation). At that time Kenny had a wife and four children. In 1978 Son #2 and last remaining sibling, Matthew Davidson, started working for Antec Corporation at the age of 18 while attending the University of Washington’s College of Forest Resources. After graduating, Matthew and Ken Davidson teamed together until 1988 when Ken retired and moved to Sequim Washington. Today, Antec Corporation is still going strong as a Manufacturer’s Representative and Distributor.
Our goal is to serve the customer with as much quality of courtesy and responsiveness as possible. After all… the customer is our lifeblood!

Markets served:
Aerospace, Water & Wastewater, Natural Gas, Pulp & Paper, Petroleum Refining, Agriculture… and many more.

Products offered:
Thermocouples, T/C Wire & Cable, Thermocouple Connectors/Plugs/Jacks/Jack-Panels, Pinch Valves, TideFlex Tidegate Valves, Annular Pressure Seals, Knife Gate Valves, Expansion Joints, Trenchless-Piping, Strainers, Pipeline Freeze Protection Heaters, Flow Meters, Gas Analyzers, Gaseous Sample Conditioning.

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