Green Line RJ PVC Sewer Pipe

CertainTeed CertaFlo™ GreenLine with Certa-Lok™

All the Advantages of the Performance Proven Certa-Lok™ Restrained Joint System…

  • Designed for trenchless applications.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and assemble.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • No solvent cements or butt fusion equipment required.
  • Allows users to connect one joint at a time — eliminating the need to string out fused pipe in confined spaces.
  • Eliminates the costs associated with fusible pipe products.

…Now Available for Sewer Applications
  • 10' & 20' lengths facilitate rapid assembly and allow the use of smaller pit sizes.
  • Light green color makes camera inspection of sewers easier.
  • Holds grade thanks to PVC’s superior stiffness.
  • Compatible with existing Certa-Lok installations.
  • Provides system continuity with PVC pipe commonly used in sewer applications.
  • Conforms with ASTM 2241.

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