Pneumatic Flexgate Knife Gate Valve



  • Ideal for difficult abrasive slurry service
  • Replaceable elastomer cartridge seats
  • Heavy-duty 150-psi stainless steel gate
  • Bi-directional droptight shutoff

Materials of Construction

  • Cast Iron Body to 24"
  • Fabricated Steel Body over 24"
  • Optional 304SS or 316SS body
  • Gate ASTM A240 T-316
  • Optional 17-4 Ph, Hastelloy C, or Teflon coated 316 SS
  • ANSI Class 125/150#
  • Slurry sleeves: Pure Gum Rubber, Buna-N, EPDM, and Viton.
  • Elastomer Information

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Cut Sheets

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